Turning back the clock.

Back in the seventies, a production run fit in the back of a Dodge Colt. My father's, in fact, as he drove tirelessly around the Midwest selling clothes to boutiques and regional department stores.

Since then, local boutiques have gone extinct and regional retailers have merged & acquired each other, creating mass international conglomerates. Nowadays, most men’s clothing is mass­produced in the thousands and distributed globally.

We set out to make a production run that fits in the back of a Dodge Colt again. Each of our shirts are handcrafted & numbered by skilled tailors in a limited edition of 100 pieces or less. After all, you shouldn't have to share your personal style with thousands of people.

Never mass produced

Small batch has the two ingredients missing in assembly line production: time & skill. Whereas hundreds of unskilled workers are involved in the mass production of one button­down shirt, a small batch shirt is crafted by 1­2 skilled, salaried tailors who work to achieve the best possible quality.

We have over 35 years of experience sourcing to boutiques, retailers & department stores throughout America. Our heritage allows us to collaborate with the best ateliers in the world to create shirts that will last a lifetime. Despite the increased costs of small­batch production, our knowledge of production puts our prices in direct competition with mass­produced retailers.

Breaking the rules of design.

There's nothing better than getting a shirt that's meant for you, your unique way of life, and your personal style. We're not out to make a good enough shirt for thousands of people; we're here to make unique shirts for unique people.

As such, our designs aren’t based on what’s trendy. Each garment is dedicated to a specific, unique way of life. Our design process involves exploring these lifestyles — from startup founders to croquet enthusiasts — as we discover them throughout our base in Brooklyn.

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