• Don't share your style

    Every .Bk shirt is crafted & numbered in a limited edition of 100 pieces.

  • Cut out the assembly line

    We work with skilled teams of small batch tailors to deliver the best possible quality.

  • Apparel with heritage

    With 35+ years of vertically integrated sourcing under our belt, you pay the best price every time.

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Do we have a story for you.

Thirty years ago, a production run fit in the back of a Dodge Colt. My father's, in fact, as he drove tirelessly around the Midwest selling clothes to boutiques and regional department stores. Since then, local boutiques have gone extinct and regional retailers have merged & acquired each other, creating mass international conglomerates. Nowadays, men's shirts below $100 are mass-produced in the thousands and distributed globally.

We set out to make a production run that fits in the back of a Dodge Colt again. We grew tired of disposable-quality, homogeneous styles churned out by mass retailers season after season. By using small-batch production, we're able to push the creativity of our designs far beyond what mass retailers are able to do. We're not out to make a good enough shirt for the masses; we're here to make unique shirts for unique people.

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